PGC Business Suites

Address: 737 Bishop Street, Mauka Tower – 28th Floor

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Katerina “Cathy” Delaporta (S)

733 Bishop Street, Suite 151, Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: 808-216-7855

Suite RSF Rate Space Description
2890B 181 $949/mth Window office with great views of the Koolau Mountains, Diamond Head, Kakaako and the Pacific Ocean. A conference room, kitchenette, Bishop Street address, 24/7 access, Wi-Fi, flexibility of short term lease commitment, unit is furnished for immediate occupancy.

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Property & Location Description

 PGC Business Suites provides a cost-effective, Class A, office suite solution for small office users.



LEED Gold Certification

737 Bishop Street, Mauka Tower - 28th Floor