If you’re a young entrepreneur or a startup owner in Honolulu, you’ll find yourself looking for office space. You want space that’s not only affordable, but also reflects the image of your company and presents you in a good light. Pacific Guardian Center is the right choice for you. It’s one of downtown Honolulu’s hallmarks and it fosters a culture that welcomes young people and new companies. Read on to find out why PGC is the right choice for your next office space.


The courtyard

If you ask the tenants at Pacific Guardian Center about their favorite feature, many will say it’s the courtyard. The beautiful open green space is the place for impromptu meetings, formal and informal. It’s the spot to go for lunch, have coffee, or simply chat with coworkers and other tenants.


The bicycle repair station

Knowing how environmentally aware its tenants are, the PGC management did something unusual for Honolulu. If you’re a fan of biking to work, you’ll love to hear that there is a bicycle repair station at the building, where you can perform basic bike maintenance as you go to work.


The sense of community

Want to meet some new people who work at PGC? Simply join them for a game of ping pong at the courtyard. When you want to just relax, take a walk on the ground floor with someone and discuss the artworks at one of many pop-up galleries.


Pacific Guardian Center is very environmentally friendly

How many office buildings do you know where the temperature adapts to the people inside it? The AC in PGC adapts the temperature based on the time of the day and the day in the week, making sure to save as much energy as possible.

If you think Pacific Guardian Center is the right choice for you and your company, contact us at Hawaii Commercial Real Estate. We’re the exclusive agent in charge of leasing space and we will make sure to find your ideal office space. Whether you’re a new startup or an established business, GPC has a space with your name written on it.


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